Services & prices

Here you find more information about our main services:

  • accounting – base and additional services
  • services with SAP software, SAP implementation support
  • controlling
  • advisory

(here you see mostly base prices, for best price offer please contact

1.1.      Accounting (basic service level – generally performed monthly and remotely)

  • Initial set-up
  • Invoices posting/ creation
  • Preparing payments in e-bank
  • Posting bank movements
  • Cash
  • Posting business trips and employee expenses
  • Fixed assets
  • Payroll (up to 5 employees)
  • Tax declarations
  • Balance sheet and Profit & Loss reports
  • Annual report for authorities

The price for our basic service depends on the number of documents, postings, reports to be processed and whether we perform all, or only part of the processing (some clients prefer to create their own sales invoices for example).

We are able to use the client’s existing software, or we can use PROFIT or SmartAccounts software, which offer internet based accounting, allowing us and the client to work parallelly, so that we can process the accounts while the client can use the sales and stock modules simultaneously for example.

Our fees vary depending on the volume of work involved.  The below Indicative prices are listed as a basic guide.   We are pleased to discuss and tailor services to individual client requirements.

Number of postings* per month: price (w/o VAT)
0-20 60 €
21-307 70 €
31-40 80 €
41-50 90 €
51-75 100 €
76-100 130 €
101-150 160 €
151-200 200 €
201-250 240 €
251-300 280 €

*posting is:

  • 1 document (invoice, cash bill etc) = 1 posting.
  • Bank statement: 1 row = 1 posting.
  • Payroll: 1 person = 1 posting.
  • Preparing a payment in e-bank = 1 posting.
  • Fixed assets: 1 object = 1 posting per month.

Our basic service includes TSD and VAT declarations, payables and receivables open items reports once per month.

Minimum fee for non-VAT-liables is 60 eur/month (without VAT) , and 80 eur/month (without VAT) for VAT-liables.

If a client is interested in a weekly based service (certain weekdays, certain hours per week), then we can agree a monthly fee, which includes the agreed basic service components).

1.2.      Accounting – additional services

  • Previous periods check and correction
  • Creating Accounting Policy and procedures document
  • Specific reports to authorities
  • Intrastat and other statistical reports
  • Stock movements
  • Payroll when piecework
  • Submission of documents for health insurance
  • Creating contracts
  • Credit management
  • Participation in audit process
  • Trainings and business trips according client’s interest
  • Other agreed services

Prices for such services can be for pc (reports, actions), or based. Regular hourly fee is 40 Euro (w/o VAT), piece- based prices are available in a separate price list.

2. Services with SAP software 

Thorough and wide-range experience (SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP BW) allows us to offer data input, full accounting and support in SAP implementation (user side testing e.g.).

The price depends on the amount of work involved.

3. Controlling

  • Planning
  • Budgeting, forecasting
  • Plan vs budget comparison

Previous long work experience in international corporation as finance controller does favour this (still quite uncommon in Estonia) service offering.  Controlling helps to make better economic decisions, and it also helps to avoid bigger failures.

The price depends on the amount of work involved.

4. Advisory

We help companies (international corporations for example) who have their accounting managed centrally, but who still need support for Estonian fiscal reporting.

The price depends on the amount of work involved.